Algorithmic Pattern Salon

in-person gathering in Barcelona.
Organized by toplap bcn, Algorithmic Pattern Salon Team and

Humans have always explored algorithmic patterns, as creative, culturally-embedded ways to work beyond our imaginations. This salon will bring together people working with creative formalisations for pattern-making, whether they explore heritage or contemporary patterning techniques.

This theme emerges from heritage algorithms, found in ancient/ancestral creative practices in arts and crafts such as weaving, braiding, juggling and music-making, and developed through a long history of continual innovation. These heritage algorithms are structured by the procedures and rules of pattern – shifting, combining, reflecting, rotating, interfering, glitching, and combinations thereof, at multiple scales. They work both in the movements of the maker, and in perception of the result by the beholder.

Patterns are also seen in computing, from the binary operations involved in low-level machine code, to high-level operations used by creative coders. However, the word “pattern” is overloaded, often used to describe simple phenomena such as straightforward sequences in music. On the other hand, the word ‘algorithm’ is often used to describe unfathomable complexity. In combination, “Algorithmic Pattern” refers to human-made algorithms, where complex and surprising outcomes can result from the combination of simple parts (or rules). This offers us rich ways of making; easy to learn but taking a lifetime to explore.

This encounter brings people together who value deep, human curiosity into patterns. We hope this call excites you to attend whether you are interested in exploring strange patterns in heritage crafts or contemporary algorithmic art.

More info about Algorithmic Pattern Salon here.

Barcelona Gathering Program

November, 23th

12h to 14h Workshops at UOC (Edifici U, C/ Perú, 52):
Free registration here

12h00 Bernat Romagosa and Enric Mor – Live Coding Physical MIDI Devices Using MicroBlocks

15h to 17h30 Welcoming and Talks at UOC (Edifici U, C/ Perú, 52):
Free registration here

15h00 Introduction to the salon by Alex Mclean.
15h20 MultiWeave, Kadi Pajupuu.
15h30 Textile Algorithms, Mika Satomi.
15h40 Synthesthesia: Sharing patterns for a choreographic audio and visual live coding experience, Ámbar Tenorio.
15h50 Q&A
16h00 BREAK
16h30 The Crochet Protocol, Julia Vollmer.
16h40 Talk on Live Coding Physical MIDI Devices Using MicroBlocks, Bernat Romagosa.
16h50 Velvet Values, Emma Wood.
17h00 Algorithmic Pattern Cartoon 2D Animation, Roger Pibernat.
17h10 Digitized surfaces (situated skins that dateify: TTT project 2023), Maria Jose Rios A.
17h20 Q&A

19h to 22h From Scratch with Patterns at NIU.
Free event

November, 24th

12h to 14h Workshops at UOC (Edifici U, C/ Perú, 52):
Free registration here

12h00 Joan Queralt – Live Coding Visuals with Punctual

15h to 17h30 Talks at UOC (Edifici U, C/ Perú, 52):
Free registration here

15h00 Patterns in deep Mandelbrot set zooms, Claude Heiland-Allen.
15h10 Agent-Based Rhythm Generation, Thomas Poeser.
15h20 On the Edge of the Pattern, Iván Paz.
15h30 Tidal Cycles and Mandalas, Saachi Kaup and Alex McLean.
15h40 Q&A
16h00 BREAK
16h30 The Skeleton Dance, Lina Bautista.
16h40 Proportions of a luminous cosmos, Sandra De Berduccy.
16h50 Tiling through Typography, typing shapes and combining types, Rocco Lorenzo Modugno.
17h00 PEAL: A Virtual Campanile (2009), Nick Rothwell.
17h10 A Slow Motion Display, Franz Ferdinand Richter.
17h20 Q&A

19h to 22h Concert at Sala Aranyo, UPF (Campus del Poblenou Roc Boronat, 138)
Free event

19h00 Decolonizing the pattern by Citlali Hernández and Jon James Barousse
19h30 On the edge of the pattern by Iván Paz
19h50 Patterns of ripples by Maia Francisco
20h05 Break
20h15 Live coding set by Violeta (Not Binary Code)
20h40 Live coding set by Ndr0n (Not Binary Code)

November, 25th

16h to 19h at Col·lectiu Axolot (C/d’Ávila 154 bis “Oficinas”):

16h00 Breathing Algorithms to Hack Humanity by Alicia Champlin.
17h00 Live Coding Meetup

23h ALGORAVE at Sala Taro (Sants).
Price: 8 euros
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